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The techniques and Philosophy of Shinbujutsukan are universal. Therefore we offer seminars to those dojo or individuals who may be looking for senior leadership, to expand their martial arts knowledge, or to enhance the techniques they use in their core art. It is not our intention to berate other styles of Karate/ Kobudo but rather to help those martial artist become better at the the arts they study by providing guidance and tutelage in the following areas of development.

Base/ Mobility:

This includes Tachi Kata (stances) and Tenshin (movement).

Power/ focused energy:

This includes Gamanku (waist) and Machiwara (striking post) training. 

Kata/ Forms:

All systems study different forms but all systems should have at the heart of their forms a few basic ingredients, those such as: Balance, stance, power, timing, Kime, Rhythm, Bunkai, and history. We can help you get at the core of the forms you study both to understand why they were devised originally, how they can be applied, and how you can perform them to the best of your ability. 


There are many Martial Artist in the world who are very good at doing martial arts. There are far fewer Martial Artists who can teach someone else how to do it properly. We will give you techniques and routines to help you get the most out of your students.

Kumite/ Application:

Many students, especially in today's climate, study martial arts without having the first clue on how to apply the lessons that are scattered throughout kata, drills, and folklore. Some of which are hidden well enough, or watered down enough, that they are hardly recognizable as fighting techniques. We will help you decipher these techniques and solidify a tried and true self defense application to those movements or ideas.


Our true intention is to infuse your art with Ti, which to many is just understood as the second part of the word Kara-TE/ or Kara TI, in which case the word would simply be translated as "hand". However, in Okinawa the word Ti has a much different connotation. Ti in Okinawa is actually understood as "Tchi", not to be confused with "chi". In Okinawa, "Tchi" or "Ti" actually means "wisdom"!* We would love to help you put the wisdom back in your Martial Art...

*Source information from; Jimmy Mora Sensei



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