Shinbujutsukan USA

The place of True Martial Arts


As part of our Uchinanchu heritage we study the traditions of weaponry. At the heart of our weapons system is the study of kata. It is not possible to fully control the weapons for the safety of our partners therefore yakasoku kumite (prearranged kumite) and kata are the main focus. Also center focus is the proper execution and self discipline of every move of the kata. The study of kata is the study of culture, tradition, and it is that of a spiritual journey to self perfection. The weapons system we offer as the core of Shinbujutsukan are from the the Ryukyu Kobudo Hozon Shinko Kai (Beikoku So Hombu) system. The weapons kata are listed below:                          





Shushi no kun sho/ dai

Sakugawa no kun sho/ dai

Yuniga no kon

Chinenshichanaka no kon

Chikinsunakake no kon 



Chikinshitahaku no sai

Chatanyara no sai

Hamahiga no sai

Kugushiku no sai

Tawada no Sai



Mezato no Tekko



Mezato no nunchaku

Akamine no nunchaku



Hamahiga no Tonfa

Yaraguwa no Tonfa 



Kanegawa no nichogama



Kanegawa no Tinbe



Chikinakachu no eku



Kihon no Suruchin

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