Shinbujutsukan USA

The place of True Martial Arts


The main goal of Shinbujutsukan USA is to provide a complete system of self defense that is applicable to the threats most likely to be faced in American Society today. At it's core, Shinbujutsu is a system that teaches the foundations of Stand up, Grappling, Takedowns/ throws, and ground fighting. At it's pinnacle, Shinbujutsu is a scientific exploration of body dynamics, power generation, and deadly force. On the other hand, Shinbujutsu recognizes the importance of the traditional mindset and strives to uphold and preserve the culture from which it was founded. It has it's roots in Traditional Okinawan Karate and Kobudo which gives the student a platform from which to observe the importance and practice of self refinement, self discipline, and Mental fortitude. In addition, the grappling and ground fighting applications have been added from Brazilian Jiu jitsu and has also been extracted from the traditional Kata of Karate.
   Shinbujutsu literally means "True or Genuine Martial arts". "Shin" meaning Truth, "Bu" meaning War, and "Jutsu" meaning Techinique or Art. The true heart of our study is to first be honest with ourselves and with others. We are not interested in training in martial arts simply for the art, or for self improvement, or as a group activity, or exercise class. We truly and honestly look at the techniques and their application to insure that they will protect your life should it come to that. Secondly, we take a "Jutsu approach" which means we are focused on the applicability of the techniques in motion with another human being. We are not as interested in perfecting the techniques as they are introduced through kata only to be proficient in using them in the air or in solo practice. Therefore, we strive for the ability to use what we learn and develop the techniques in a way that is conducive to "not losing" in combat. After years of study and development, the practitioner becomes the art and the art transforms in to "Do" or the way. 
    Lastly, Shinbujutsu is NOT a sport. Although it is a mixed martial art (MMA), the focus is not to teach cage fighting, sport karate, sport jiu-jitsu, etc. We are developing our skill set to insure we walk away from an encounter with our lives. We do not care about winning! We care about survival! Our attitude is that we avoid harmful situations if at all possible but that we train to be deadly effective if force is necessary. 

Training Model

We practice Shinbujutsu with a focus on three main experiences.

1. Physical technique: This includes learning the proper ways of developing the techniques all inclusively from the standpoint of building a proper foundation so they can begin to study the concepts that bring power and life to the techniques. 


2. Conceptual understanding: This includes learning the concepts of shinbujutsu and practicing all the movements, positions, and bunkai to form a deeper understanding of the "Ti" behind the technique. These concepts include but are not limited to:

Tanden (Itten)- "Center Point" Understanding center of balance. 

Tenshin- "Body Shifting" Understanding movement of feet and body around the target.

Gamaku- "Core" Understanding how the core generates and drives all techniques.

Uchi/ Tsuki- "strike/ stab" Understanding how to strike.

Chinkuchi- Understanding power from timing of breath and technique.

Shime- "To close" Understanding how to close the body off from attack.

Harai- "Sweep" Understanding how to use defense without the use of "Uke".

Fin-di- "Changing hand" Understanding how strikes flow off of one another and change in combat.

Iri-kumi- "Inside fighting" Understanding (inside fighting)

Muchimi- "Stickiness" Understanding "stickiness" and position in grappling and in close fighting.

Kokyu Chikara- "Breath power" Understanding breathing in conjunction with all techniques.

A-un- "beginning and end" Understanding the flow and timing of technique and movement in succession.


3. Experiential wisdom: This includes performing the techniques and concepts of Shinbujutsu with another human being so that the technique and concepts are actualized and fully understood by the student. This experience will help the student mature and give them an understanding of the variables that can occur when in motion with an actual living, breathing and passionate attacker.

Upcoming Events

Sunday, Mar 26 at 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Sunday, Apr 2 at 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Sunday, Apr 9 at 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Sunday, Apr 16 at 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM